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Leading the Core Skills is a Course

Leading the Core Skills



Full course description

Who is this training package for?

School leaders who want to integrate the core skills for students into the school curriculum

What will it cover?

Learn about the six core skills that research shows are essential for preparing young people to live and work in today’s globalised economy and:

  • The connection between effective leadership and the core skills
  • The most effective curriculum development practices of school leaders as established by the international evidence base
  • The core principles of a variety of approaches to designing effective curriculum experiences

The training package includes a school based project: you will develop an action plan and have the opportunity to implement a project in your school. 

What will it teach me about leading core skills?

  • How to identify opportunities for integrating the core skills into your school curriculum and plan for doing so
  • Explore what makes curriculum experiences and curriculum leadership practices effective and why
  • Build a bird’s eye view of the current state of leadership and curriculum development in your school, and use this view to identify areas in need of further development

What will I take away?

The training package will help you integrate one or more core skills in the curriculum by

  • Exploring the concept of curriculum and its development, the four principles of effective curriculum leadership and the five curriculum delivery principles
  • Developing an action plan for your own school based project
  • Evaluating the initial implementation of curriculum development

Practical information

Before accessing this training package, please register with British Council Schools Online


  • Online study one: 4 weeks (4/5 hours study per week)
  • School-based activities: 10 - 12 weeks
  • Online study two: 2 weeks (4/5 hours study per week)

Before starting, we recommend you find a learning partner who can offer you support and advice throughout the training course. This could be an existing colleague who you can meet with regularly to discuss your progress.

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